Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

gracious jpirit, and love ofGodour Saviour appeared, &c. But if yourfpirits have not been fovile as fume others, if they have been faire and ingenuous, if you have been of ¡ fweet natures, and tra'rab!e difpofiti- ons, you have ca de to blefle God in forne refpeCts fo much the rnor ,fó the changehebathwrought in them,for his mercy towards you , that you didnot refit in thofe natural] excellencies , and mitfake them for faving graces,asmany doe with much danger to their foules: and whenyou fee the bare corrupt fpi- titsofothermen,as thole who have any thing to doe in theworld, (hall meet with exceeding vile col ruptfpirits ; not onely in the worft fort of men , but in thofe who Teem tobeLire , in whom a man wouldnever have thought to have met with fuch bare workings ofípirit, that would make a man wonder. Oh Lord,whatare the fpiritsofincneThen, I fay, whenyou fee this,ble(%the Lord, let your fpirits , and all that is within them,,,bleife his name , who hathput fuch difference between your fpirits and theirs ; as you cannot but acknow- iedge, except you fhouldbe exceeding- y