Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

a choice anda precious fpiris, ly injurious to the grace of God in you. C,HAP. IX. I5 J Communionand converfewithmen ofrut excellentfpirits, is a molt bidedthing. F the godly bee of fuch excellent fpirits, then convene and communi onwith them is a molt bleffed thing; no greaterheaven uponearth then this ; for here you may fee thebeau y and luffre of Gods graces fhining, thebtightneffe of IA hich darkens all the b aury and glory of the world to a fpirituall eye. Senec.2 faw fo much excellency, that Morality put upona man, that he fayes that the very looks o fa good man ,delights one : The very fight íf fuch fervants Ì of Cod , who 'walk clofe with God, who are careful' to keep their fpirits clear and fhining ; truly , it is veryde- lightfirl1, it path much quickening in it; the uprightneffc,holincife,fpirituall en- lghtnin4s that their fouleshave, will cuide thorn to advileforGod in fafeand flood waies. The advile ofgodly men, in I pfe a(peäfu boni viri deo lecfat.