Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

a choke and apreciousfpirit, IS? is the blefftngofthegofpel, tocome to the 1pints of jut men made perfa}, lieb.:12. 23. When wee are amongll them , wee may in the beholding the work of their fpirits,come to fcemany failings inour own , that we raw not before and fo be humbled for them, and be put on to Peck help: We may fee the fame graces íhining in them,that we feel in our own hearts, and fo bec fírengthened and encouraged in them, and furredup to blelle God for them ; and the futablenefle between their fpi- ritsand ours, ifoursbe ri?ht, will caufe fuch a clofing and mingling , as from thence there will arife an unfpeakable delight , and incomparable fweetnefle: No tociety under heaven hath that pleafantneffe and fweetneffe in it, as the fociery of the Saints ; no mens fpiri:s dole fo fully onewithanother, as theirs; nomens fpirits bound fo firm- ly by fuch ìnuiftóluble bonds together, as theirs; they know the excellencyof oneanochersfpirits, fo as t çycafree- ly open themfclves, uabofome their hearts one to another , and venture their lives one upon $.$other : and it is the Gregory (Ngtianten (ayes ofhim- ifelf;andBa- fil, that one foul in a manner was to twobo- dies. In0 rat.Fun.Ba- filii. The fame is laid ofMi- nutiva Foglix and Ot'fa- vius.