Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

amorzwenolo 156 Ì A gracious fpirit, in things concerning God , is much to be prized. It wasa good fpeech ofShe- chaniab toE .era,Chap e t o.3dNow there_ fare let us make a rL ovenant with our God, &c. according to the coon f Il of the Lord, andofthe f that feare the Commandment ofour God. It was good to follow .their c ,unfe`l. The frrits of thefeare 'lávoryin their diícourfe,in ¡heir duties, in all their carriage; their example ex- ceedingpowerfullandprotbiew The bletling of Abigail upon David., wale, TheLoa dbindeup his f ulein the bundle of life. Enjoyment ofcommunion with Gods people , is the binding up of our foulesin the bundle of life , for every oneof them hath life in him. Doctor Taylor theMartyr,rejoyced that ever he came intoprifon, becaufe he came there to have acquaintance with that Angel of God yob" Bradford as hecals him, If the fociety of on fwcet heavenly (pirited man , beenough tomake a prie fon chearfull ;what a bleffing then is the enjoyment of communion with ma- ny my delight (faith David) is in the Saints, in them that excel in th earth. It