Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

a choice anaaprec1a7iGfjpdrZt,. It is his power ; onely the power ofaGod could doe it. 2 i t is the greatnes ofhis power, it is the e xceeding greatneffe of his power. 4 It is i he workingofhis power. 5 It is the working ofhis mighty power. 6 It is th- fame power by which he railed Chrift from thedead,and let him at hìs right hand in the Heavers, far a- bove all Principality , and Power, and tniht. NowGod loth not ufe toput forth g,rt ar poser, but for great pur- poles he ufes not his extraordinary power, for ordinary things : when fu- pernaru rail power is put forth, it is,that is might raie to fupern.aturall opera - tions. 3 Agai~t, God doth put other abi- lities into you , that others have not: that grace with which he hash endued your spirits, is a (parkof his owndivine nature ; , as youhave heard , it bath di- vine power with it, and a divineati- vity in it ; that ,is'expev`fed from yoú, that none candoeby an inferior power, as by the arength of parts, ;education, M i moral1 .------ --_-_.--__