Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

164 \ ,g gracicta Nliruçujurq; rnorall.principles : if your lives benot «¡uz,tanto bert d the hi2heft of thole who have majóris eft none other principles then fuck ro raife crrminis, pantopriuf- them 5 you difhonour God, and his quam caderet, grace, and your holy profeffion. mzoriserat Fourthly, your Spirits have been Bern. de in made acquainted with more truths tci dom°. 3 God bath rr vralyd to you thefecrers ofhis Counsels, of his Kingdome; he bath fhown youhimfelte, his Glory, his Majefty, Soveraignty, Holineff , he bath fhown you the reality, beau- ty, excellency, equity of his hleffed wayes: He path made known to you the certain?y, the infinite conk- querice of the things of eternity ; the vileneffe, pollution,poyfon, danger of fin: he bath given you experiences of the things of heaven , the f veetnelfe ofhis waye5, the di£freffe of confci- ence for fin. Fifthly, he hath feparated you for himfelie, he hath taken you into a neare communion unto himfelfe ; though God is to befearedWby all, yet more efpecially in a higher degree, he is to be feared in the affenibly of his Saints, and to be had in reverence of them