Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

choice and aprecious fpirit. ¡65 them that are about him, Pp.89.7. Sixthly, God hath put other digni- ties urn you, that bee hath not put uponother iren ; hee hate. made you Cit zens of thenew lerufalem, favou- rites of heaven, heiress co-heirs with the Lord Iefus atria. God hath. rai- fed you above the condition of men ; and therefore you mutt not walke as men. TheApoílle, r Cor. 3.3. blamed the Corinthians that they didwalkeas men, ,Nee bath recleaned VII from the earth, Revel. 4, 3. Therefore you mutt not walk as the menof the earth: God bath not dealt thus with otherpeople, theyknow not what theíe things mean. Therefore well may the Lord expge from you other manner of fervice and honour, then he hath from other .men. Seventhly, more depends uponyou thenuponothers; the weight ofmany cervices depends all uponyou, which are no wayes expeOed to be perfor- med by others: What fhall become of GodsName, his Glory, the fulfilling his will in the world, if men whofe fpiritsare fitted for this fervice, fhould M 3 not