Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

Dan.6, a o. TieEpififde Such Spirits have true excellency in them, and are not lhieof the wayes or fervants ofGod, when the floods of iniquity over-flow, and threaten tobeare down all. Fearfulnefie toappeare in Gods caufe, is a part of the old man, and when God puts into his [another]a new S.pirit,that walks thy fear- fultaeíli?; the more thou half of Gods Spirit, the more thy old timorous cowardly fpirit is abated. Match. 9. 16, `l hat is put in to fill up, rakes from the garment ; and whengrace fills up a man, it takes away from the oldman, theold bafeneife, feave and dailardlineííe in the caufeof God, and a holy undaunted resoluti- on is begotterun thee to ju(lifie wifdome, al- though thou damnifie thy felfe. According to the fulneflé of mens fpirits .' are their cari;iages, with more or idle confi- ü -4- Bence in thew undertakings ; If Satan have filled the `heart, men will boldly ferve him, As 5. 3. why bath Satan filled thyheart to ly e canto the holy Ghofi ? Satanhad filled his heart , and therefore he feared not to lie unto God himfelfe. Dieu faithupon-the place, Ios- plere cor alteriau eft audacem eon, reddere, and he cites that place, Hefter 7. 5. 9rris hic et, qui implevit cor fount ad faciendumfc ? 'Who is hee that hath filled his heart ? In our Tranflations , That durfiprefume in his heart to doefo ? Hamann heart was filled withma- lice, and that made himbold toattempt the deflruttion of all the Jewes; Andwhere god-