Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

to tke Reader. the poore, and pious ufes, betides his occafìo- nail charity whenhe was abroad : Here was a choyce Spirit, beautified with variety of gra- ces, not unfit for great and mean to popound for their pattern. Daniel inBabylon would not defile him= felfe with the portion of the Kings meat, nor with the wine whichhe drank; he had rather eat pulle then defile his confcience. When the writingwas figned, the Lions Den threatned, did he muffle up his Religion, and thriak ups his Spirit ? hee. would not íhut rip his win- dow , nor diminith his prayers , but thrice a day prayed , and gave thankes unto his GOD, as hedid afore time. Here was a fpirit for GOD alud his wayes, and not for the times. Happily fome temporizing politician will charge Daniel ,of Indifcr ion : No, it was the excellency of his Spirit, that in cafeofdan- ger, and that of life, he would not feparate ex- tetnall Profelfion from inward Faith , when God thould lofe by it : And what ? Doll thou charge him with indifcretion , whom the Scripture commends for his wifdome ? It was a proverbial) fpeech, Wifer then Daniel; Er.ekiel 32. 3. and his heart did not accule him for that indifcretion, when he was in the Lions Den: For he faith, Innocency wasfuwild in him ? he wasnot athamed of his godlines; that had raifed him, andhee would maintaine the honourof i t, .01,.*1170.6. 3 Such