Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

he Epiflle times , and that withan undaunted courage, Ads 4.89,1o,í I,r 2. Peter was filled with the Holy Ghoft, and (aid; Be it k owne unto you all, andall thepeople of Ifr,el, that by the Name of I014 Chrifi ofNazareth, whoa yog crucified, whom God railedfrom the dead,even by him doll, this Man here 'land before you whole : This is the Stone which was fee at nought of you Builders, &c. And after, whenhe and Iohn were commanded filence, what faid they ? Whether to be right in the fi at ofGod, to hearkfn unto you more then Cod , judge yee, Forwe cannot but fpea the things we havePeen andheard ? It is a brand upon Nicodernui, that he came to Chrift by ni ht ; and fo of th chiefe Ru- lers that believed on him, but becaufc of the Pharifees did not confefs him, left they uliould beput out ofthe Synagogues : But it was Ni- codempraife, for that heehad got boldnes to fpcak for Chriif, when vilified, though him- felfe fuffèred much reproach for it : This Chewed fore excellency and growth in his Cpiric, that he could both fpcake and fuller for Chri So kepi; of Arimathea Was timorous, as John 19.38. but being tilled with grace, He went in boldly to Filar, and craved the Body of7e 'us, :. War z 5. 4 3 1W, irn what holy boldreffe did thole men march through re- proaches,af`íliCtions, and periccutions for the truths fake? Rea-