Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

to the Reader. Reader, fwallow thou this Book , as Eze- kiel did his Roll) and thou (halt bee inabled todoeas much. Principle and fill thy Spirit with the pretious Truths contained in this lit- tle Treatife, and thou (halt finde thy droop- ing Spirit to receive a Heavenly warmth to come upon thee , and a holy boldneffe thrufting thee forward for G Op and god- lineife. Wickednes is too bold, and `godlines too (haute-toed ; ix hath loft and Ï Tiered much through mens cowardlines. Reade , meditate, and feaft thy Spirit with what thou herein findeft , and thou mayft walke bold as a Lion through the midit of a crooked and perverfe generation ; thou Ihalc daunt W ickednelfe it felfe , and make Religion truly beautiful) and honou- rable. I f thou fhouldeff fay, This Booke migh t have been kept in , there are too many al- ready; I anfwer thee, there bee many, but few to purpofe. TheSea is full of Water, yet GOD addes daily to it, by Rivers and Showres, Many would reade little, if new bookes were notfet forth daily. Bookes doe quicken up a drowfie Age to the beft pur- pofe. Newbooks are like new fafhions, ta- kenupat firft with affection. Notwithilanding all the Munition of the Kìngdome, there is new made daily. Bookes are more needful) then Armes theone defends the