Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

On the 7 Con f latory Pfalmes,in4°, on theCreed, in t on the7dayesintie week, int2^. The Soliloquy o f theSonle,in it n Apologiefor Laymens writing,inT2° CatoVarkegatus,or Cato'sMorali Di- fiyhs tranfltaedinto Engl:fhver f ,in4° Dr Pr;ftonsgolden Scepter,inquarto HisFiveCourt Sermons, in quarto Cut, works,or the needles excellency, in4°. Dr Sibs Lightfromgraven, in quarto His Lidia's Converfion, or TheRiches-ofeiktercy, in 12.; Dr PlayfersSermons 4llcompleat, in 80. The Hand-maid to Arithmetick, by Ma. Hunt, in oavo. FoftersvfrtofDialing, in quarto. Barrons Aritbmetick,or Napiers Bones, in oIavd. ButlerofBees, in quarto. Seamans Secrets, in quarto. Fletcher§ Comment on thefirfl PPalme, in quarto. His Purple I/land,in quarto. Fits :Gy in tribulation, in t 2. Introduebon to the Sacrament, by Mr Pem- ble,in 12. Burthen &Burtken ofd loaden C'onfcience, in 12.