Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

M icoe -. largeCatechifrne in 8. kholsG'ateckifrne in $. Gurneyon the Sacrement, in 12. Hie' dernonflratian o' Antichrifl, in r Z. 19[i(1°'1of'Hcliodorus in tenboakAs, in 4. Æt'ops Fables in Englifh verfc, withpi- criwes.in 8. Quaile°,: 'his Emblemes, with Hiero,ly phitkes, in8, The ufifulnelli &excellencyofChr4.,in 8 DattrsofConftables by lu,Pice Laver, id 8 Sir EdwardD:erings Speeches in4 Proper Sacrifice in4. Pofl^elii Syntaxis Grxca, ins. Gods Summons to repentance, by A. H irf- net, in 12. JuddApologia, Grælac. in R. Lem iatine,in ra. Mr. Bondsyob in the we ,in 4. Allhis other Sermons in4, Doarineofthu Bible in4. CorrorlsGapel cony rjion ,in 8. Sanderforaì Log ca, in 8. ClaphaT?s Briefe of the Bible, in r 2. Bp Halls ccca fonaLl 'meditations, in r 2 . C lrrks Formu1x Drat mix, in 12. Dixon on the Hebrewes,an 8. ;ihel tons`%w t-haFad writing, in 8. wo1,