Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

Dedicatory. Wollebii Compend.Theologix,iwYz. GerardsMeditations Eng`ifh,1n24. Spire Minutes, or Warwicks Meditations, in 12. TheMap of Engla3id . 1.1 ith the Kins. Dix's Jhor-t-handwriting. Lucians Dialogues in En3lzfh, in 4. H©lidaii Philofophia, in4. Venal, Hiftorias q., Hookers Soulspoffefioka ofChrifl,in t x . Groffrs two Sermons im 8. Ofianders amid of,cno'reverfies,Erg. in R. SmithsMunitionofmans miferies,in I 2. ShwtesCat ch"ifrne,in R. Wit andmirth byJohn Taylor, 8. G,.rden o f Spi? ituall Flowers ,in 12. Bible-battles, in 12. tSllonumeigts of the,Saron Tongue, by Lifle, in4. Burroughes cA!ores Sele-dettll, in8.