Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

z lgracions pirlt, Land ; But my fervant Caleb, &c. objeff° Firft , Godscommendation of Caleb. Secondly, his blaingupon him. Forthe 6rí1he fays 3. things of him. é e He is myfervant.' 2. He bathanother[iris. 3. Hebathfollauvedmefrilly He is myfirvant. ]lt is a great honour tobe the fervant oftheblelfed God,and Lobe acknowledged toby God himfclf; We fhouldnot look at our fervices to Godocdly as duties injoyned,but as high priviledgcs , as dignities put upon us; We fhoula glory in his fervic . It was a part of that glorious reward of thole 1 who cameout ofgreat tribulátion*who waffled their robes , and made 'them white in the blood of the Lambe that they fhould be' before the Lard, and 1 1 ferve him night and day. Ap4. 7 t q.,x 5 [MyjervantJ i-le bath (hewed himfelfto be my fervant indeed ; I will for ever owhim; what ever others did,he con timed taithfull with me. To be a fer. Ivast unto theLord,is an honour; butto be cknowledged fatthfaII , that higher: iCor.7.21. I haveobtained mercy to be faithfnll, faith I Saint Paul. To befaithful). in fcrv,ce,is, not