Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

a choice andaprecious/pint. noronely a means of obtaining mercy, but It isa great obtainedmercy. My f yvant Caleb] Caleb is onelymen- tioned here, and fo in the former chap iverf3 r. Why is not Loihum mentioned like- Wife, for fu relyh'-followed the Lord fully, as well as Caleb z Some think that loehua at the fira did conceal hirefel f, although after he diddeclarehitnfelffully; but certainly thishad been a very great fin ofhis, to conceaTehimfelt in filch acaufe of God, tohave flood Neuter, for the laving himself;hç would not havepaflèd with- ou 7 tome fgnificadon of Gods difplea- iureagaintt him for this : But Fell' 3o. God prop ,ifes IoOhua, that hefhil3 enter into the Land together with Caleb . O thers ther_forethink, that at the firft Ca. lebwas themore forward ofthe two in fpeakíng , becaufe he was of the mo:e honourable Tribe, oncof the chide óßf the Tribe of lui/ah; and Iofhua was of Ephraim . And befides,Iofhna being Mo-, fes Cviinif}er toattend onhim, it might be the more fufpeded that he might ípeak togratifieNofes, agaiùff whom the peo- M $ vie .A11 f111. -. pAbulenf s q. 4, 55.