Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

a choice andpreciot s fpirit. me . Nothing could take himoff horn me, what ever thereforebecomes of the rat, he (hall poffeffe the Land, and his feedwith him. I intend oneiy to d.ndle the twodatercornm cndationsof ca/4. Firft, that he was.a man of anotherfpr- rit. Secondly , t' at hefollowed God fully. And herein, firft, fevcrally;fecondly, in the reference oftheone to theother. for !he firf, the Poirt is, It is theex, cellency ofgodly men tobe men of o- &erfpirits, of choice fpirits, differing from th ° common fpirits of the world. r. Cor. 2. 12. We have not received the fpirit oftheworld, Cayes theApoftle, but the f trft which is ofGod: iliac is a great deal of difdrence between our fpirits and the common fpirits of the world. Thee is a vilefpiritriling in theworld; As Eph, 2. 2, di f iris that works flrongly andactively in the children o f 'di fbedierice. But ofthe goyly it may be ft.id,as it was of Daniel, chap. 6.3. an excellentfpirit wasfoandinhim ; to furely an excellent fpirit is found in there, 1, What