Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

Agrisious fpirit, ple now murmured , beeaufe of the ftrai's thpy were brought into by him. And bifides, others ti kink, that mots Serariws 1.1., here relates this byWheel Than IoJhu s Ioi.c.8.q.6. was uf.d in the penning of this relation, and therefore the leffe is laidconcerning lofhrea. Anotherfpirit : Thefpirits of the reft were baie and cowardly , poore, dead, unworthy fpirits, but he had another fpì( it, went not that way. There is a ftrange conceit force of the Jew.ih !n- nrinua in tet'prerers ha.'e of this other f iris ; that Num.14. is, fay they, Caleb and IoJhrsa , when they t were in th Land and in their journey, . they fáid as the reti of the Spies did,and concealed their purpof a of declaring any ot`- eropini4n theyhad of the Land, thu-:t) theothers had y and this they did for fear of their lives ; but when they c m before Mofes, and the children of braci, t hen they had another fpirit ,and fpake plainly what they thought. Ma- ny fuch chaffy interpretations of Scri- pturewe finde amongst there Godha- i ving given them over to the fpirit of Impcvit fe- blind nef e. [Hefollowedmefully. Thewords are, Hefulfilledtofollowed me: