Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

choiceaidaprecios sfpirit. turall parts are equal' ; one fees much {excellenc), in them, receives them,rel- lilhes them ; the other bakes on them as mean and foolifh things, wonders what men fee iticl find in them,theyare unfavoury ro them, their hearts turn a- way from them a Thisis from theirdin vers principles.Wherethe fpirit iswell principled,it is carryedon !weedyand ftroogly in Gods wars ; though the naturall parts be weak, thoughoNeei- onsagainft them many , pretences for ev-illw.3yes faire; yct th f- divineprón- c piesareas apondus,awaiht Ivortheft ipirits, that carrid, s on the ioule ftill Lo. ward % God: whenall is faid thatcan be agairft Gods wages , and for fintull wayes, i +. will, it canirt but hold rill,' conclufion , Surely Gods i waits are good. As that bleffed Martyr ¡air) i carrot di utefor the truth, but Icandie for the truth. T riefe principles cauic if not a difputative knowledge, yet a favoury knovwáedg°. Perfwadeamanby mofl fubtill argu- merts,eloquent orations, that what he i tatsfweet, i5bituer,. per.:.pshecann t anfwer all you íäy.; but yet heknowes B 4 the 7 Sapidairden. tïa