Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

A gracious fp'irit, the thing is fwecr : So thR fpirit princi- pled right with grace having the fa_ your of the know l dge as the Apofle f peaks, t hough many fubtill roils ofSa rinand eloquent per w,ifior:s from the wfdomeof she fleflibebrout htco p_r f wadeto thecontrary, yet flill it flies, It is good to walk in the wayes of4god. linelfe. Every lifehathprinciples according to the nature ofit, receiving to it feife things futable, or turning ft or things difagreeable to it ; the vegetative life according to the nature ofit, fo the fen- f itive, and the rationall life and th life of grace according to it. Molt mens fpiritsare ledby the prirciplcsofa fen- Çitive life, f w lire fo high as rationall principles reach to. There is a death of the foul in this ref eft; onely God puts in by a common work ofhis Spirit forne common notions, whichapp are ín force which give but a glimmering light, and are very weak;but where the life of grace is in any foule, there are principlesofa higher nature,ful ofli ht andbeauty, carrying thefoule to high, fp:rituall, fi pernaturall things, for the attaining