Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

TO A gracious !pipit, principles of Grace, with which this o- ther fpisir is irndued, higher above the principles ofreafon, then theprinciples of reafor are above the principh s of fenfe;and thus it isanother fpirit. Secondly, it workes byanother rule: tveffy thing is guided to its end by force rule, which is abeam: of Gods wifelome no creatureunder the reafo- nable, knowseither its endor rule, but is atled by God to that it was made for : but the reafonable creature is of filchanature as is capableofthe know- ledge,ofboth, and thereforecannot be h knowledge fboth, happywrath®utt eli l g o and workingaccordingly. Now it is a great mercy not to miflake in the rule that leads toeternall life,rofee it, 8cas by it ; moft ofrhe wordmiftake here, their fpirits are ledby falle rulers, they goe according to fenie, according to their owne carnali apprehenfion of things, accordng to their owne wi Is, would have the rule of their actions from their own fpirits orelfeaccortdin is thecemmon cotsr f oftbetvorld,as Epb. 2. ',Thar which men bleffethemfelves in, 1, that theygocaccording tothecommon eourfc _.,-.------