Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

Agracious [pint. working together with God inglorify- ing hitnfelf, obierving Gods wayes in his glorious works of Creation and Provìdence,preparingand fitting them- (elves forthe glorious appearing of the great God ; joyning with thofeblefed creatures; the Angelsand Säints in hea- ven; magnifying, grading, worfhiping, andadosing the Lord ofall; thefe are things fit for the fpirits of the godly; theyare not fineable to the fpirits of the world,asFfai. 9 2.6. A brartifh manknows not, neàther doth a footleunderf#andthis. Agodly man fowerimes may be bu- fed in the mean low things, hut his fpi- rit not contented , not taken up , not fatisfied in thofe things , as adequate objets for him 9 s the fpirits of the world are, they are objects adequate to any principles they have: A man fome- times that is underflanding, may conde- fcend to fport with children in low Ithings, but there takenot up his fpirit as adequateobjects rowhat hehath in him; ifindeed he (hould take content and fa- cisfation in itch things, it would argue a childifh fpirit in him ; So here. Fourshly, this fpirit is carried to other ec.ds ; the fpirit of the world looks at cafe,