Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

a choice andapreciocas f ZYZ$. and . fo the excellency and beauty of what others have or doe, if God is not honoured by them, it looks on them as, dead thing s, Sc: Condly,all it hath,is, or cloth, lies in an abfolute fübjeeaion un- der God, to be at his difpofe, all things are abfolutely fubjea to the laft end, Thirdly, wht.re God isaimedat, asthe higghtMend,théi e Gods glory is willed infinitely ; no limite, nobounds fet tO thedefïres, or erá kavours of the fou!; after it, , 1``ifcly9 this fpirit ñath other q _ialiftY °, y cations ; tin: ,Spirits of the godly are glJrioLs wi;hin: As; I. it is an enligh:-. I. fled fpirit ; t Se light- o£ the glory of God, in the face ofMils Chr ;ft, hath fhinedii-ito it, and transformed itiAto the fme image. D rn. 5. I r. They faid he wasa man in whom the fptrit.of the i 60t 4,6,. holy Gods was, beeaufe lighr, andun- cerítandicg, and INiidoine tq;as tound in him; furely,the fpirie ofthe livingGo i is here, for ligh y9 underftanding, wif- dome isfound here;this is thetrue ligiiC; the light of life, that batha quickning power,and influenceof life in iti- There is A great difErenee between the light G of.'