Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

Ptatonis Phædro.p. .Ri I . C94'T.l liiS?s? étiGoS S sÌotcw" la, sí9n ó,roia cäv4 tl.ítNgÀtiTn., NVlGU 7z%- xteatv Majorjim ad majo- ra natos quamut mancipiuní jîm corporis tnei.Sen. ep. 66. l'aide prote- ¡istas Jum, me toile fie (ätiari ab'eo, Meichior A- ,lam invita t árrb. 1 i A gracious fpirit, with them, as the fins of fenfuality, a.nd filthy lulls. Tully thinks him not wor- thy the mime of a man , that fpendsa whol- day in the plealures ofthe flcfh; and Socrates had fuck a vile eftcemoffin, as he thinks, itfha;:l be ore or' the great- eft torments of men in another life , to betyedandbound to the fins theymofr delighted inhere. Seneca hatha notable expreflion to this purpofe ; I am too great, and born to greater things , then that I fhould be a (lave tonay body; but if Reason raifes the fpirit Co high , how high thendoh grace rare it :' This fpi- rit cannot b° fatisfied wi h fmal low things ; 'as it iÿ reported of Luther, when great gifts were Pent toh'm, he re- fufed them, with this moil braveand cxcelienr ípeech;Ididearneftly protcft, that God should not put me off with ci.E. things ; meaning that he would not befatisfied with any thing that was_ herebelow. A fl the things in theworld are far frçm being able to fitisfïe this fpirit ; it accounts all , yea, ifthey were a'thoufand times more th °n they are,but a poor pittance for theportionofan im- mortall Pont ;ifGod fllould make snore worlds' 1