Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

a choice and 4preciaospïrit . worlds for it, yet if he give not himfelf to it , it would not be fatisfied,; nothing but a God, an infinite, univerfall, eter n 1l good, canEli up the d= fires of this Thou haft made gas, CeLord., for m Do fpi ir. ne thy Pelf, (ayes Saint 4sftne, and out te,0jn. hurts are u'lquiet till they come um o- Liu"; et thee, It is the workofa bJfed°offy fpiP dotnecvr át rir, to th:nk.,IF I hadbut.fomuch,or fo udte. much yea `iy I fhot ld h ve enough: how haft the ipiiit of that rich man, i bidinghimfelf in his goods l Souletake thine cafe, thou haft goods laid up for maxty .1.41.1611 241* years What were all tholeto his foul, to thehappinefre a= his ((mil Thef;are fpiriEs that have higherdeigns then fo, their defijnes no idle then a Kingdom, ye 1, then Godhirrlftlf, Rom. 2. 7. They Peekfirglory, honour, immertafitty, (ternall li,fé Though they can bee content with littleofthe world fbr their ufe,yet they cannot bee content without that good and happineffe that is infinitely higher, and better then all the world, fortheir portion. As Abraham fail con- cerning his childe,when God prow ifed him a great rcward,Gen, i ç,2.Lord what wilt thougive me,`o long44 Igochildeleffe? Lord,