Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

ache andaprecioos ffririt had done tor him he toldhim that, he knew him by name , and that hee hd found favour in hisfiht5 one would hiwc thoug'it this might have fatisfied him No, Aftlil Irma. havemore , verfe i z. /pray thee ifIhdvefoundgrace in thy fightAnymethy way ,that Imay know thee, and that nay finde grace in thy fight: Godgrants him this, and teh. him, Perfi 4. that his pretence fill' go withhim, andhe will give hill left ; fun ly, this, will fatis fie hm : N.), Perfe 16, males mtift have yet more, he n:'1,111 have filch a pretence, as the wordmay 'Amow,th Ged cloth gowithhim, 2nd that heand his peoplearefeparated peopll-,from all the pecpie that are up n the Lice of the cam: : and verfe. 17. The Lord faihto him, I willgive thee this thing alfa that thou haft fjloken. Surely this will fa!is- fie him: No, mi;fis is not fatisfied yet verfe 8. I befeech theefh wmethyglory. Hemuft have more of God yet., God grants him this alfo,Ferfe 19 Iwillmake drily gaodneffifpafe before (thee And fo he Lord pales by him, and prcclairms his great and glorious Name before Lin: He fliews him fu much 'of hisglo ry, ,714. 27