Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

A gracious f jïrit, ry , as he was able to behold. Surely mopbathenough now No, not y(t, Crap 34.9. God At pardon the fin of his people too , and rake him and them for his inheritance : 1-3e muff have this fruit 'ofGods f ìvour, as a higher then all the reif. See how , as we may fo fay withholy reverence, he incraachu s as it were, uponGod , as one that couldne- verhave enough ; and yet this, Gòd li- ked exceeding 'well. H re is a fpirir in deed,that is not fatisfied withmear:,and ordinary things. In a fpirituall fenfe the godlydoe feek great things forthem - ¡elves , and it is their glory fo co doe, God delights to have the fpirits ofhis children thus railed ; he would not have them to be offuch fordid fpirits , as to Bern. de a- minds no higher things then the bafe moreDei, drudges ofthe worlddoe; as a Prince piexm c.8. or Noble-mandelights to fée the fpirir E12aY/i fa fui ofhis childe railed to higher defignes, gQt1`« fu` then the-ordinary fort ofmen. f rbias z 4. Fourthly, a Ermc ffrong fpirit : Era, a t.2. TheSpirit of Chrift is a Spirit of might. I Firif, Prong to refff ftrong temp`a- tiols. Sepòndiy