Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

Pofre 07) nollc rióbile. Chryf.horn. od pcp.36. & 5 x. Nccjudkai damn `eft ala= qui'! iram ad rnagnitudi treni animi confare. N O7a eft ilia magnitudo tumor eft: Sence.de ira lih.I.E2. x6. A gracious Ozrtt, --. be able todoeonehurt, and not todoe it, that is trulynoble. It is the gloryof a King, yea of God himfelf to paffe by anoff.-nce. ToPhewmercy, faith Saint CZhryfdome, is a more glorious thing then to raffle from the dead,and agreater work then to build molt magnificent Temples.Manybafe-fpirited men,who will crouch low enough to thofe who areabove them,yet they are imperious, cruel, hard-hearted , rugged , fierce to- wards thofe that are under them and they think it the braveneffe and grat- nesof their fpirits that they can infult over thew, and rev: nge themfelves up- on them , but there is nothing great in there men but pride, and !elf-love : this is thegre«tefl bafeneffeofspirit that can be, and the more there rneri formerly did difcover their bafeneffe in their fordid crouchin2s untoothers that were above them , the more doe they now difcover thevilenefie oftheir fpirits, to their cruell infdltin s over chofe that areunder them ; And this they think a goodly and brave thing that They on trample: upon oti,ers, wheicis the kind- riffle of a ¡Tian is the goodlineffè, andI be pry