Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

a choice and aprecious rpirit beauty, and excellencyofamans fpirit. That word in Efay 40. 6. that is tran- 1l ted,The goodlinciieofthe flower, is- the fame word whichfgnifcs Kincines. We reade Bevel. 9. The Loçufts that cameor' t of the fmoakin, pit , Theyhad faces as thefaces alms andthey hadhaire, the haire ofwomen; They had faire countenances , theycould look fmiling, and flatteringupon men, for their own ends, bur their teeth were the teeth of Lion,and'theyhad tams likeScorpions, to tear and ¡tins? thofe that they hadat an advantage. An iní'ulting fpirit over chore that we haveat advantage, is farce from true generoufneífe , howfo:ver m 'nmay bleff- themreeves in it. Rchoboam was amanof anexceeding imperious, infulting difpofition ; My littlefinger, faithhe , /hall be thicker then my fathers loynes ; My father put a heavy yoke upon you, but I will put more to your yoke ; myfather chaflifd you with whips, but I wiltchafife`you with Scorpions : O, what a fpir:t was here ! Surely he, and thofewhoput himon, rtjoyced in this ;is a :brave commanding fpirit indeed; But the holy Ghoft faith of Rehoboam, that