Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

a choice and apreciousfpirit. *from thyfather, Twillreflore, ardtboo fhalt makefirmsfir theein Darxafcw : but afer that hewas got out of Ks hands; Ahabwas fain to go towar with him to get thokCities Chap, a2.3. Andob- ferve thebafene;lfeofthe fpiritof ltenha- dad hewho beforehad fo crouched to Ahab for his lìfe, henow commands his Captains,to fight neither with final great , fave onelywith the King of If- rael: fee with what malice he leeksthe lifeofhim,whobeforehad faxed his. 5 A generous fpirit loves tobe abun- dant in fervice; it isnot fatisfied indo- ing mean andordinary things., asbefore they were fublime in that , receivingof ordinary things from God wouldnot fatisfie them , but theymuff have great things from him ; fo now it is their ge_ neroufneffe, that theywill not bequiet- ed in doing ordinary things for God:, but theymuff doe great things forhim theyprize theirfervice as well as their wages,as ¡oh. 1 7.4. Chrift fait h,Hebath finiIhed the work that hù fathergavehim J todoe; heaccountshis work agift. Thus thofcwho have theSpirit ofChrift,acó count their fervices to bee gifts froth' God: 4s