Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

44 d gracious fpirit, t 2. `What hall I render unto the Lode faith he : he fpeaks, as a man preffeJ in his fpirit, troubled until! he did return fomething; he accounts favours recei- ved,as greatob ! igations , as any debts in the world. It is infinite bafeneffe in fpirit to be fo for onesfelt, as ifones own turn be raved, then neither God nor man is regarded. How many teen will crouch, and yeeld to any thing, till theyhive got their own turns ferved ; but then theygrowproud, and regard - leffe ofthofe, yea, oftentimes fpightfull again.ft thofe,to whom(when timewas) they crouched for favours, and from whom they received many, bywhich they are come to that which now they are. A notableexampleof this,wehave in Benhaidad, r King. ao. 32. compared with Ch1.22.3r. In the former place, hecaufed his fervants togird themfelves with fackclothon their loyns, and put ropes on theirheads, and tocome to the Kingof Ifrael and fay, Thy fervant Ben- . faith, Ipray thee letme live; andhe was content to eeld to any terms,when the King of Ifrael had himat advantage, as vcrfe 34. The Cities which my father took