Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

a choice and' afrreciou.rfirit. fel .>es too : but a generous fpirit findes in it felfadifpohtion ready io doegood toothers, though theycandoe little for him; yet ifthey need, and beable , he tindes hecan freely, and readilydoe it; and thismakes hire to venture upono- thers,that they will likewifeout of free- dome and gene oufneffe, be helpful! to him, ifoccafion , if need fen, e, though they fhould not "receive recompence from him and therefore he is not rea- dy to entertain jealous and fufpicious thou.'hts,as oth:-r bafer fpirits do. Thus s in refpe' ofGod, he knows God is in-. finitely good`, and bleffcd in himfelfe; and that hee out of his own infinite goodneffeis ready to do good,and help thofe inwant, whoare able todoe little again in way of requital! 5 but that he for his Names fake, thews mercy and lo- vingkindneffe tohi poorecreatures,be- caufé mercy pleafes him and tiler-dole hecan venturehimfelfuponGod. Bale fpirits, as they are very jealous in regardof truff , fo th_ÿ are very fui piciuus of love 5 and think becaufe themfe ves are confcious to thernièlves of nworthin ífe,< and that they there fel.ves 1' 49