Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

A$raeious ['pipit, (elves love onely for their own ends, therefore they thinkthey cannot be tru- ly beloved of others , but fò farre as they arc ufefull to them. But one ofa generous fpirit knows in himleif, that he can love others , not onely becaufe he receives good from them s but that he may doe good to them , and therefore fees this to bee infinitely more in God , and therefore can rely upon Gods love in fenfe of his 'own unworthineffe. Though the Lord can receivenogood fromme,yet he cando good untome; and this I believe is glo- rious excellencyoftheLord,and there- foremy fpirit (hail not give way to fuf- picious thoughts of his love : As Da- vid, z Sam.23.5. Although', fayeshe )my houfebe not rowith God,yét hebathmade me I an everlafting Covenant ordered in all things, and fire : for this is all my falva- tion, andall my defire , although he maketh not togrow. And this is obfervable, that it is Paid ofhim in Verfi i. that vv,hen he fpake this, hewas aman whowas raifed up on high. Ir is trueeven in this fenfe, that that exprtilionof his in Verfi 5, was anargument ofa man whole fpirit was truly