Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

52 Agracious Hews rth, high &Oil itileeed !,kthough it thinks it felttoo i, R wo and humble good for any fuit , yet not too good to inbt;art. be fulyiel to the leali Commandement; thouthwill not be under the power of any creature , yet will lie flat and trem- blingunder thekaft word of the Lord, Epc 66.2. though not fatisfied with mean things , yet accounts it fell- lea then the 'colt ofati Gods mercies.How fublimewas Pads fpirit , when hee ac. counted all thiizs dung , yet himfelfe could be contented tobe accounted an off-kouring for Chrift f the íublimity ofhis fpirit was not a greater glory to him in the one, then thehumility of it was in the other. Thougha godly man mindshigh thingsaboveothers,yetcan be well contented tobe ufed in themea neft fervices for the good of others; though he be railed above the world, yetjudges himfelf leffe then tht leaft ot the Saints: though heaimesat thehigh- - , eft pitchoFgodlineffe , yet bleire 3 God flr,and makes muchof the leaft breath. ings of his Spirit; and fcch a heart is precious indeed in Gods eyes : this, o Lord, thoumoll not defFife5Pfit. 51 .17. fo thewords are. Gog can delpifeKings vnich