Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

a choiceandaprecious f irit. truly railed on high; and the ratherdoth a generous fpirit abandonbale, jealous, fufpicious thoughts of Gods faithful- mireandhis love, becaufe jt knows in it felf that it bath not fuck a vile difpofiti. on, as toabufe this gracious and bleffed nature that it apprehends of God , foas tobe the more fecureand ioofe ; togive liberty to it kif inanyevill , becaufeof this: Oh no, Gad forbid 3 this, faire from a. true generous fpirit; this, the fpirit of bafeneffe; this, a forbiddifpo- fition indeed , that it loathes, itabhors the thought of it it findes in it felt, that the fight ofthis grace ofGod, thisblef- fednature of God draws it ruoli fweet- ly to him, toclofewith him, to delight in him : it is the firongefi Motive to draw it up toholineffc; yea, Toperfe 3 holinefle in the fareofGod, z Cor.7.1. And therefore it cafes out jealous and fulpi_ cious thoughts ofthegoodne=,and love ofthe bleffed God , as fruits ofbafenes I As offpirit. Sixthly, though fublime and railed as before, yet withall it is an humble broken and contritefpirit who i; poore in, fpirit this, a blffed conjun. Ixzt. riatian< ten faid of Athana,Fiws, hee was, v MAC?1- 7'076 =PoIS , ,77-vg- 4e3'vh