Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

e A gracieffis fPirit, mon fpirit of the world, bathnot that mixture of filth anddroffe in it, but is pure; puritycoif tRs in freedome from r.aix-urc with that which is of a bafer nature; ifmixt with that which is of a lupericur natire,thatt dothnot make the xhing impure 5 as when f lver is mixed withgold , but when it is mixed with lead or droffe. The fpiriti of the godly are mixed with, grace , but that makes them more excellent and puu; fuch mixtureof fpiri uall excellency that is above theexcellency oftfe foule, their fpiritsclo`e with: but iftherecome any mixture with that which is bale , be- neath the excellency of the fpirit, this dehles,ar:d this their' fpirits cannotc [cafe with , but are fenfible of the evill of it, andnever leave woi king till they have purged it out from them: 2 San ified, that is, God bath fet tliemapart for himfell, as t'fa.4 3.Knory that the Lordhathfet apart him that icgod- ly for hirnfilf'; and they have devoted, dedicated, and con&crRarcd them.felves, .toand for God; they are (plaits refs- rYd3givenup to the Lo-d. 3 Al theparts, abilities, common gifts'