Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

a choice anda preciousfpirit gifts ot this fpirit are fantified,ahigher excellency is put upon them then they have in the fprits of othermen ; weak, natural] parts in thefe, arc moreexcel- lent then the ftrongeft not fandtified: As the confecration ofwood , and lea- ther, andmean things, put great excel- lency upon them , then gold andflyer had, that were not fo confecrated ; yet the larger the naturali partsare ofa fan- &fied 4pi- it, the more excellent it is. 4 It is able tomake afanEtified tileof what it meddles = , ithall, ofwhat it hath to deal in ; ot al the works and wayes of God s it crakesall to be holy to the Lord. N inch iy , It is a true heroicall fpirit ; none have filch brave heroical! fpirits as God, fervanshave; it is not difcoura- ged bytiiffïculties, it wil fet upon things a fluggifh fpirit thf ks impoffible; it will go through that which iuc h a one thinks can never be it breaks through armksofdifficulries, that ir cni ht goe on in its way, and accomplifh its wo: k, not di'cotrked as the fluggifh fpirit, who crys out , there is a Ly, pn in the way. It is not the difficultyof thework, but 9' Nonquia dura,fed oi- 1 a stonespa- timur.