Burroughs - BS2705.4 B87 1653

Sb Gofjjel-1Jenverfation. or any corruptible thing that can redeem you, but the preci- ous blood of Jefus Chrift, Oh that blood, that is more preci- ous than the world, even all the world muff let the redemption of afoul alone for ever, all the Angels in Heaven ifthey would have joyned together to have redeem'd a foul, and would have ventured themfelves to have been deflroyed for ever that they might have redeem'd a foul, it would not have been, they mutt all let the redemption ofa foul alone for ever.; the matter then of the redemption of a foul is more than we are aware of, arid we could never have come to have known this but by the Gof pel of Jefus Chriít : The full price of a foul is writ down by the finger of Gods Spirit in theGofpe! ofChrifl, which is only this, TheBloodofthe Son ofGod the Bloodof the Son ofGod. Well then, let our Converfation be as becomes this thatis held forth in this Gofvel, that is thus, Manifefling inyour Con- verfation thatyoufit a high price tspou your fouls : do not venture your fouls upon nothing ; Oh how unbefeeming is this, that when God thall let fuch a price upon a foul, as to give for the redemption of it more than ten thoufand thoufand worlds are worth, yet that a man or woman that profeffes themfelves tobe Chriftians fhall venture the lofs of their fouls for the get- tingof fixpence or twelvepence, hazard thole immortal Jewels for one or two minutes of fenfual pleafure, to fatisfie the lulls of the flefh ; what is it elfe, when fuch will lye or cofen for a littlewhile for thick clay ? For the Lords fake, do not lay down thy everlafling foul at flake for a little gain, fome for a little credit ; art thou a Chriflian ? dicta ever reade the Golpe!, man or woman did'fl thou ever hear of Chrifl ? anddoll thou know what the death of Chrifl meant ? and wherefore Chrifl came into the world ? mull Heaven and earth be mov'd to provide a way to ranfom fouls ? and dolt thou fet them at fo low a rate ? Oh how unbefeeming is this to the Gofpel ? And others pawn away their fouls, when God manifefis what aprice he fets upon them, yet will pawn their fouls to the veryDevil. Rue f . Youwill fay, Leany manTo Wickedas topalm axiay his foul to the Devil ? Anf. Yes, When any manwill venture upon fin, hut upon this