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Gafpel=Converfation. as 'what a dreadful thing is this ? how provokingmuff it needs be to the holy God ? Oh happy had it been for fuch men and wo- men that they had never heard of the Gofpel ofJefus Ch rift, But of the evil ofwalking unbefeeming the Gofpel ofJefus Chrift,we (hall (peak to after,when we come to the application; That's then the fixt particular of what the Gofpel holds forth, The infinite hatred ofGod againft fin. Now the feventh thing that is held forth in the Gofpel that tats for a Converfationbefeeming, is this, Thegreat priceoffouls. There's nothing in the world that ever God did, that doth dif- cover theworthofmans immortal foul fo as the Gofpel ofJefus Chrift doth, there God manifefts to all the world what a price he puts upon mans foul, the Lord faw that men by fin had un-. done themfelves and that thofe fouls that he made were like toperifh to all eternity, yea, were under the fentence of eter- nal death, and muff certainly perifh eternally., if fo be that fome way were not found out by an infinit wifdom for to ran- fome them ; now faith the Lord, rather than I will have all fouls perifh ; (it's true, the love that I have unto my Jnflice is fuch, as for many fouls I'le let them go, and they (hall perifh ; but yet that I might (hew that I have an high efteem of the fouls of the children ofmen, for the ranfoming of that numberthat I have appointed from all eternity to fave,) I'le fend my Son, and he (hall die for the laving of fouls, that fouls may not pe- rifh : If the Lord fhould have faid concerning any one foul, I do fo highly prize this foul, and account the worth of it to be fuch, as rather than it fhall perifh I'ie difi'olve heaven and earth, heaven and earth (hall perifh rather than this foul frail perifh, youwill fay, this had been a great teftimonyof Gods efteem of a foul : But know that theGofpel holds forth a higher efteem of a foul than this comes to, when God Thai fay, Rather than this, and the other foul (hall perifh, I'le fend my Son to be made a Curie; This the Gofpel holds forth; this is infinitly a higher price that God puts upon a foul : You know therfoae what the Apoftle faith in 1 Pet. 1.1S.,19. Forismarch itsye knoll, thatyeWere not redeemed (faith he) with corruptible things ; gold : Then in the 19. verle, But With the preciorsu bloodof Chrifl, cf LansbWithostblemifh, or xrithoutjpat : 'Tis notiver and gold : Or.