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Gofpel-Converfatiox. ;oz when they were little children in ther non-age, now they come to have flocks in their hands, to trade for themnfelves, and not to be any more as fervants ; a child before he comes of age is un- d:.r Tutors and Governors in the family, but when he comes to yeers ofdifcretion, then he lives like a man, and commands ra- ther in the family, and is ferviceable to none but his father and mr;ther. So we fhould live as becomes children ofage, that is manifefling in our converfation a ftaiednefs, wifdorrt, and gra- vity, and now to live more above the things of this world than before we did, as children of age. And for the unionwe have with God, that is, That the Saints noW are made one withGod, andPerth Chrift his Son: In i Cor. 6. i7. He that is joined to the Lord, is one Spirit. It's a very ftrange ex- preftion, we are one Spirit with God and with Jefus Chrift. O what Converfation becomes this,that we fhould be principled& aged with the fame Spirit ? furely fuch a one as mutt mani- feft that we are crowned & graced with the fame Spirit, that is Gods Spirit, and the Spirit ofJefus Chrift his Son ; now furely that mutt needs be a very holy Spiritual Converfation. z Cor. 3. 16. Yea, the Spirit of God dwelleth inyou ( frith the text) and 2 Cor. 6. 16, Iwill dwell in them, andwalk, in them, and Iwill be theirGod, and they !hall be my people. See the neer union that we have with God that the gofpel holds forth to us. Yea and there is another phrafe which is very remarkable, That as the Spirit ofGod is in Beleevers, fo Beleevers are in the fpirit Gal. 5. 2 S. IfWe live in the Spirit, let us altowalk in the fpirit (faith the text) The Spirit lives in us, and we live in the Spirit, what Conver- fation muff there needs be here then ? Oh let ns walk, not in a flefhly way,to fattisfie the tufts ofthe fhfh, but inthe Spirit, the fruits that dobecome the Spirit ofGod : You fhali fee them in this s.of Gal. 22. verf. &c. But the fruit ofthe Spirit, is love, joy,, peace, longfuffering,gentlenefr,goodnefs,faith,meek,ne/s. temperance, againfi inch there is no Law. And they that arcChrifts,have cruci- fied the flefh With the affillions and lri s ofit. If we walk in the Spirit, then here's the fruit ofthe Spirit ; Would you have your Converfations fuch as becomes the gofpel, then mark but thefè three Phrafes : i The Spirit ofGod is inyou, in a conflant way taking up his