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102, Gofpel-Converfation. his habitation and reudence in your bofoms. 2. You live in the very Spirit, as in the proper element ofa Chrifiian. 3. You are one Spirit with God. Put thefe three, and Oh now, how unbefeeming to thefe three expreffions (that we have in the gofpel and no wher elfe ) is it for profeffors of the gof- pel to fatisfie the lulu ofthe flefh? Oh how unfutable are fie4.,ly luffs to a fpiritual man ; Oh take heed of this for ever you that make profeffion of the gofpel, do not wallow in the mile of uncleannefs,do not give liberty to the luth of the flefh,but mor- tifie the lulls of the Hef) and the deeds therof, for you are joy- ned fo neer to God hit-Ili-elf, ye live inGod too : Col. 3. 3. Your life is hidWith Chrif iss God. Its a very tranfcendent phrafe that the Saints do live in God ; you do not only live in the aire and breath in the aire, but while you live here in the worldyou live in God, Oh the wonderful! myfüery of the gofpel t and the high things that are held forth in the gofpel, That Gods Spi- rits is in us, and we are in the Spirit, and we are the fame Spirit with God, yea, and we live inGod ; Oh then what a Conver- fation fhonld be futable to thefe things ; feeing thefe things are thus, what manner ofperlons ought we to be ? Yea, and there is another expreffion and that's more full than any of thefe and that's in the prayer ofChriff, in the 17. of john, 21. That they all may be one, as thou Father art in Me, and I in Thee, that they alfo may be one in vs, The gofpel difcovers this union, for the Saints to be one with the Father and Son, as the Father and Son are one ; now thofe that are joyned fo neer to God, ther Con- verfations had needbe holy, and blamelefs, witnelüng the glo- ry of that God that they are fo neer related to. I remember in handling of that point of drawing nigh to God in his worflip: There we Chewed what holinefs is required in thofe that are fo nigh to God ; but thofe that are one with God, and in God Oh how much of God, of Jefus Chrif} fhonld fhine forth by their lives in the faces ofothers ? Reade thefe Scriptures and by faith make them real to your foules, and then let your confci- ences tel you what Converfations is requiered of you: Ifyou be a Beleever, this is fo : Charge your fouls with this, when any temptation to evil comes ? What, is it fir for fuck a one as Ito live