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GoPel-ContierAttion. ió7 when I rude over the Epiftles of Paul, or any patt of the new Teftament, I fee nothing more pref ed than this (next tobelee- ving in Jefus Chriff,) and therefore it fhould be the care6fChri- ítians. And as it ought to be thecareófChriftians to Rudyuni- ty and peace ; fo I befeech you thratfmall differences may not be abufed and heightned fo far, as becaufe fome do differ from or- thers,that therefore prefently (ifthey be the lean part efpec ity) all the odium fhouldbe caft upon them, though they can appeal toGod that they do endeavor to know the mind of God, and to keep unity fo far as they can without fin. Arid' we fhall fee that the Scriptute4òth never lay the fin of divíftoo° upon any,ex- cept thofe chard() Fay it upon them are able to fay,ttiat thofe make divifionfrcm force corrupt end orother ortheir own:and then it chargesthem~deeply: as that place is moft'famous that you have in Rom. r6. 17,18. (andI verily perfwade my felf that there is manyof you that hear this text very much abufed ) Noo Ibefeech You brethren, markthofe which`canfe devifóns and Offenses contrary to the Dottrin Whichye have learned and42;oid them. This is the greatrplace againftthat fin which weal! fchiftri, for fchiftn is no- thingbut a rending afunder, that ca:sf' devifón[Offal] contrary to the Deffrirs which ye have learned,and avaiáthern. Now you know the fin of íchifmwas°caffby the-Popifh Bifliops heretofore upon all that would'not bec Oftheir minds in any Ceremonies and Will- worfhip,and becaufe'nrany'wouldnot come up to theRails', and=fubmit to receive the Lords Supper- by kn'ee'ling, in that way that it was, then adminiftred by our Ptelatical Priefts, thereförethey were termed Srhìflnaticks: And fo at this day, many cry out of others if fo be they cannot fwallow Camels with them, iffo be theydiffer infome things wherein they can riot joyn with .them 'becaufe it wouldbe fin; and afnare to them, they prefemly fay they are guilty of fcl ifm arndfáetion (there is a great deal oftaking Gods Name invain in this thing ;) yet they donot tell you what the true nature offchifm is, but if any perfons joyn not with the greater part (which is ufually leaff coníciencious) that is Schifm in an high' degree this is not that that becomes the Goftrel, prefently to judg all that differ frordt us: But mark.thenest words, and there the Apotilè'tells what Schifm is. Q z Firft,