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- II2 Gogel-Cenverfation. vus Chrift, who .¡`hall change our vile body, that it may be fafhioned lrle to his gloriaru Body. We look (faith he) for the Lord Jefus Chrift fromHeaven, who {hall" it forth filch a power as {hall change our vile bodies, that they may be fafhioned like unto his glorious Body ; therefore our Converfation is in Heaven. Do you expel that this fleth of yours fhould be made like the Sun in the Heavens, like the glorious Body of Jefus Chrift ? Oh then do not abufe your flefh to fin, make not provifion for the flefh to fatisfie the tufts thereof; let no member of your body be a wea- pon of unrighteoufnefs to fin againft God withal : when you are tempted to any bodily fin, flop your felves with this medi- tation : Shall I finagainft God with this body of mine that I beleeve{hall one day be more glorious than the Sun in the Fir. mament, which ere longwill be made like to the glorious Bo- dy of Jefus Chrift ? Have we the hopes and promifes of fuch an inheritance in Heaven ? Oh then, let not only our thoughts be there, but our Converfation, our Trading, our only bufinefs be there alfo ; Oh let it appear that we have heavenly hearts, and fpiritual carriages, that we live as it becomes thofe that hope within a few dates, or, months, to be polfett with the glory of Heaven which Chrift bath prepared for us ; fuch fhould our Converfations be , Heavenly Converfations, fhining with the light of the glory of Heavenupon us, Heaven fhould appear in our Converfations now,fo that they who look uponus and con- verfe with us;may truly judg,thefeare the Citizens of the newJe- rufalem, Free Denizens of Heaven, they fpeak the very language of Canaan already,and ere long they will be polfett of that pro- mifed Land. Isle conclude all nowwith one Scripture, in z Cor. 3. 3. For- asmuch asye are manifeffly declared to be the Epiftle ofChrift mini- fired by ra,l ritten not with in/<,,but With the Spirit of the livingGod; not in tables offtone,but in flefhly tables ofthe heart. Mark,theApo - file here tels the Corinthians that they are manifeftly declared to be theEpiftle of Chrift : obferveathe text, the People ofGod, Beleevers, are manifestly declared to be the Epiftle of Chrift. ueff. Epiftle ofChrift (you will fay) what's the meaning of that ? or what ufe canyou make of that to your Point ? 0 ,Info.