Burroughs - BS2705.4 B87 1653

Gofjiel-Converfation. 113 Anfir The meaning of it is this, That Chrift cloth by them, or in them, write an Epiflle to the world, to declare to the wor1d,1-lis mind and His will ; 'tis as if the Apofile should fay, You that are Beleevers, know that Chrift makes ufe of you to declare to the world,' what He is, what His glory is, you are His Epiftle ; Chrift fends by you, the knowledg of Himfelf in- to the world, fo that when the world looks uponyou, they that run may reade in your Lives and Converfations , and Exam- ples the very Epiftle ofChrift (tranfcribed to the life) where.by' He declares to the world His Excellencies and His Glory in live- ly Charmers. Now my Brethren, this fhould be the Conver- fation of all Saints, (that is) They fhould in their lives be the Epiftle ofJefus Chrift, there fhould be (as it were) fairly writ- ten in their lives the graces ofJefus Chrift, the myfteries of the Gofpel, the deep things of God. Would you know what Chrifts mind is ? and what the excellencies of Chrift are, and of the Gofpel ? Reade it in the Saints, in their lives, fee their waies, andyou may know muchof the mindof Chrift in them, you that cannot tell a letter in the Book, yet you may reade this Epiftle, youmay reade theEpifile that Jefus Chrift fends to the world, to convince the world : Now the Epifile that Chrifl fends to the world, is not only His Word (there indeed is a great Epifile that Chrift bath fent, for the Scripture is no other, but as an An- cient calls it,the Epiftle ofGod to the World, God fends his Let- ter to the world) but the Saints are Chrifts Epiftle likewife,wher- inChrifis mind is to be read and known; then let your Conver- fations be fuch, a3 that you may be a full Epiftle of Chrift to the whol world, that all the world may reade what Chrifl is in you, take heed of blotting and blurring this Epiftle. Ifthere be a Letter fent from a great man, if a Prince or a King fend a Letter, it ufes to come fairly written , and if thofe that fhould bring it, fhould all befmeer it, and blot the Letter fo as it could not be read, it wouldbe taken exceeding ill. So, you that pro- fefs your felves to be Chriftians,you do not bring the Letter only, but you are the Letter, therefore do not blot and blur this Epi- flle ofChrift, but keep it fair, that all with whom you converfe, all in the family may every day reade fomewhat of the mind of Jefus Chrift in your Converfations, that fo you may be the glory R