Burroughs - BS2705.4 B87 1653

116 Go#el-Converfation. great God than ever yet bath appeared. I befeech you confider ofthis text, God did never appear great and glorious in com- parifon ofwhat he will appear,and bleffed are thofe whole Con- verfations fhall be fuch,that can look upon the face of this great God with joy when He (hall appear in glory ; we look for this bleffed hope, and then when this great God !hall appear in His glory, then we (hall haveour bleffed hope, and this teaches us to deny all ungodlinefs, and worldly lulls, the knowledg of this ; Oh do you look to be faved ; have you a bleffed hope, and doyou expel the appearingof the great God in glory ? hath the Gofpel revealed thefe things unto you? O let this that the Gofpel reveals teach us to deny all ungodlinefs, and all worldly lulls and to live foberly, righteoufly, and godly in this prefent world. But there are yet fome other things that the Gofpel holds forth that are very remarkable, for the furtherance ofour godly Converfation in this world, and if we fhould live as becomes theGofpel, we muff have a right underffanding of thefe things, or elfe we fhall never futeour felves to the Gofpel, except wedo therby apprehend thefe great points that are publifhed to us in andby the Gofpel. As now this is a great point That the Kingdom of7efns Chriff is not of this World. The Gofpel holds forth this to us, that Jefus Chriff the Son of God, having taken our nature uponhim he is a great King, He hath a Kingdom, but hebath a Kingdom that is not of this world, neither is Chriff of this world, nor His Kingdom of this world, nor the Saints, thofe that are the Subjec`is of His Kingdom are not of this world; the right under- fianding of this would much help ns in our Converfations, and a Converfation befeeming this would much honour the gofpel. Firff we fhall Phewhow the Gofpel holds forth this, That the Kingdomof Chriff is not in this world, mark thofe Scriptures in 7ohn, 18. 36. yefiss anfBred, My Kingdom id net of this World : ifmy Kingdomwere ofthis world, then wouldmy f rvants fight that I jhosldnot be delivered to the Yews ; but now is myKing- dom scot fiom hence. Therefore (as if he fhould fay) you muff not wonder or think much that I am thus apprehended, and delivered up to men, that they do with me what they pleafe; though