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GoBiel-Converfatione I15 That the revealing ofthe glory of Heaven in the Gofpel thould workmightily upon our hearts to labor for a Converfation futa- ble thereunto. In Titui 2. i t, 12, I 3. For the Grace ofGod (faith he, that's the Gofpel.; that bringethfalvation, bath appeared to all men ' ( What doth it teach us ? ) That denying ungodlinefs and Worldly lulls, we jlhould live foberly, righteoufly, and godly in this prefent world. We have made ufe of this Scripture thus far al- ready ; but that which I quote it for, is the reference of this to the next words, Lockingfor that bleffed hope, and the glorious ap- pearing of the great God, and our Saviour yefaas Chrifl. Here's a Scripture that if ever the Lord did enlighten us in the things of the Gofpel, that we have been brought to beleeve, it's a Scrip- ture that would mightily_work upon our hearts to live god lily and holily : Thegrace ofGod that bringeth Salvation ; what doth it teach us ? Not to be licentious, and vain, and [light, and bold in our finful courses; but teaching us that denying all ungod- linefs and worldly lulls, we fhonld live foberly, righteoully, and godly in this prefent world. Mark, it is not enough to live foberly, not to be a drunkard; to live righreoufly, that is, not to wrong any body, many think that's enough : But mark, indeed the light of Nature (as I toldyou) would teach us that ; but now the grace of God that bringeth Salvation teacheth us more, Todeny all ungodlinefs and worldly lulls; and to live fober- ly, ri;hteoufly, andgodly, and that in this prefent world: though we live in the midi} ofa wicked tempting world, yet to live godly. And what is the great Argument in the Gofpel to caufe us to live godly in this prefent world ? Loopingfor theblef- fed hope : Ohwe look for a bleffed hope that the Gofpel reveals, Ohwe did not underland this hope, this bleffed hope till the Gofpel was preached to us ; but lince we apprehend a bleffed hope, the Holy Ghof} bath railed in our hearts a bleffed hope ofglorious things : What glorious things ? Looking for the blef- fed hope . and glorious appearing of the great God, and out Savior Jefus Chriff. We have fome little glimps of the great Godwhenwe let forth to Sea, and launce into the deeps, we fee the glory of the great God, who rideth upon the wings o; the Wind, and whom both the Winds and the Seas obey : Oh but we kaok for another manner of the glorious appeaaing of the R z great