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Gefiel- Converfation. 119 portion in worldly goods as other men have; never envy them, for Chrifl bath ranfomed you from the world, there's another kingdom that thou haft thy portion and interefl in, Chrifi bath made us Kings and prieffs, to his Father, and bath madeus heirs and co-heirs of that Kingdom that his Father bath given Him, yea, and that He Himfelf bath purchafed ; and fo you muff in your Converfations make it appear , that you do fee another Kingdom beyond this Kingdomof the world that you are made partakers of, wherein you (hall reign with Chrift for ever : now this Converfation Bothbefeem the Gof)el. And therefore you fhall find it in the i o. of Matth. about the 37. verle, Chrift (hews what kind of Converfation He would have in thole that once come to bekeve in Him, (faith He) Ile that lovethfather or mother more-than me, it not worthy ofme : and he that loveth fon or daughter more thanme, is not worthy ofme : Andhe that taketh not up his crofs and followeth afterme, is not Worthy of me. He that fndth his life (hall lofe it ; andhe that lofeth his lifefor myfake, (hall find it. Here he thews what it is that would make the foul worthyofChrifl in a Gofpel fenfe. If our hearts be taken offfrom father and mo- ther, and thofe comforts and relations that are the dearefl in the world, brother,or filler, or fon, or daughter, not to take off our natural affeFlion, but to take offour hearts fo, as they fhould not be hinderances of us in Spiritual things, that our main af- fec5 ions fhould flow forth after fpiritual things ; then we come to be worthy ofChrifl : then the other converfation is unwor- thy of Chrift. Didíl thou ever know the Lord Jefus Chrift and the way ofHis Kingdom ? Thenwhy is thy heart fet upon the world as the hearts of other men that are flrangers to Jefus Chrifl ? In Eph. 5. 3. (wl eñ the Apoflle fpeaks of thofe things that moll men in the world are greedy after) Butfornication, and all uncleannefs, or covetoufnt fc, let it not he once named among you, a becometh Saints. As ifhe fhould fay, Saints, thofe that know Jefus Chrift, and the way of His Kingdom, for them to have their hearts either let upon bodily lulls, or covetoufnefs, the things of this world, it doth not become them, it is not a Gofpel Converfation becoming Saints ; a heart greedy of the things of this w(.1 Id, and wallowing in the lulls of this world, Oh 'tis unbefeeming Saints; thofe that do profefs the Gofpel of Girt ft. that- n