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I zo Goßiel-Converfation. that (hews unto us that the Kingdom. of Chrif is not of this world. Again, Another great point that the Gofpel holds forth to us, is this, Thegreat difference, or the change that it malls in the e- flate of a man or womanwhcn once it prevails with him : then the great difference is made in him, from what he was before, and from other men ; this is held forth in the Gospel and no. where elfe : I fay the wonderful change that the Gofpel makes in men when once it comes to work upon their hearts in the evidence and demonftration of the Spirit, and the great difference between their elates before and what now is, and between them and o- ther men ; I put thefe two together: First, the great change that the Gofpe! makes in the hearts of men from what there was before the Gofpel came. You know the Scripture in prophefying of the times of the Gofpel faith, That the wolf (hall eat with the Lamb , and the Lyon with the Kid, and the child 'hallplay upon the very hale ofthe 4J : the meaning is generally carried thus, that when the Gofpel comes it (hall change the hearts of men fo mightily, that though they were wolvifh beforel and cruel as if you fhould .fee a Wolfchanged-. into a Lamb, or as if you fhould fee a Lyon changed into a Kid, you would fay, this were a mighty change; the Gofpel makes fuck a change as this is, they that are in Chriff, are new crea- tures, it's a newCreation ; fuppofe God should make a new World, what a mighty thing were this ! or a new Sun should be created in the Firmament that never was before how would we Rand and wonder ! Thofe that are in Chrift are new creatures, God puts forth a creating power upon them, 2 Cor. S. Oldthings are pafJ'd away,all things are become new (you know the ApoRie faith :) and the change that is made, it is called a new birth,Exceptyou be born again, you cannot enter into theKing- dom ofHeaven, john 3. Ifthere were a new foul put into one, or if God fhould infufe a rational foul into a bean., here would be a mighty change ; thou wert a bean before, but here is the foul of grace ; there's a new birth when the Gofpe! comes to prevail, and to enter in upon an heart, and it's call'd a new RefurreIion; if there fhould be a voyce come fromHeaven that fhould open all thegraves that you have here in r!i yard, and all