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Got feel- Converfation. 123 - betweenyour Converfation and the Converfation of other men. Now this meditation fhould have a mighty deal of power to prevail upon the heart; I beleeve that I have fuch and fuch pri- viledges beyond othermen, and I look for fuch and such mer- cies above others ; nowwhat things I look for beyond others, I muff labor to be as much beyond them in holiness of Conver- fation,as Godhath made me beyond them in fpiritual priviled- ges, and fpiritual mercies ; I think fometimes I would not be in theconditionof fuch men as are in their natural efface for a world, nay,Iwould not be one hour in their elates if I might have ten thoufand worlds, for fear I should die that hour, and then I should be loft for ever ; Well, bath God made fuch a dif- ference ? then let not my life be like theirs for one hour, nay for one moment. Oh this meditation ( through Gods bletling ) would mightily helpus in our Converfation. Our Converfation fhouldbe fuch as becomes the Ordinances of the Goffiel: The Word, and Sacraments, they have a great deal more in them than the Ordinances of the Law : but becaufe I fpake of the Gofpels being higher than the Law heretofore, and there things may fall fomething neer, yet had I time I would fpeak a littleconcerning these, and Phew howwe are to hold forth a Con- verfation futable to them. Offer Conversations rho. ld be futable to the power of theGofpel there is a great deal ofpower in the Gofpel ; it's call'd the Power' ofGod untofalvation, in the i. of Rom. 16. The very light of the 'Gofpel it is a transforming light, it hath a mighty power in it, the Gofpel its called, the Wifdom of God, and the Power of God, i Cor. ;I.24.. it brings a great deal of power with it to help men againft ftrong corruptions, to overcome violent temp- tations, to carry them through in any difficulties : Powerful corruptions powerful temptations, powerful difficulties are overcome by the powerof the Gofpel ; and therefore it is laid byfaith, that is byfaith in the Gofßel,we overcome the world ; the Gofpel certainly loth not only fhr in force men and women, forne wifhings and wouldings, and faint defires, but it brings . a power to transform their hearts to make a metamorpho- fs there ; when there comes the light of the.Gofpel, there comes the light of life together with it; as that Scripture S z itt