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Gofjiel-Converfation. raS if you can fay, Lord I have feen much of thy_ glory in thy Works, when I have been abroad in the mighty waters where Gods paths and foot ftepts are, Oh,the Seas they are thyglort- .ous creatures, but thy gofpel that's glorious beyond all, there do I fee thine infinite Wifdom and infinite power, and nité Juftice, and infinite mercy, and infinite faithfulnefs, and the Lord knows that all the glory of the creatures lath been darkned in my eyes fince the Lord hath fhewed me the glory of His gofpel, Can you fay fo ? This is a good evidence that the gofpel is a faving gofpel to your fouls, if you ¡land and ad- mire at the glory ofGod in the gofpel ; Certainly there's none though never fo weak in parts, yet if fo be that God bath revea- led Himfelf in the gofpel to them, they fee that which makes them 'land and admire at God, and darkens all the world in their eyes ; have you feen the gofpel thus ? then it is to you the glorious gofpel of the bleffed God : and in the z Cór. X4.4. In whom the Godofthis worldbath blindedthe minds of them which be- leeve not, left the light of thegloriomGofpel ofChriftfhould_Thine in- to them : Oh reade over this Scripture again and again, The God ofthis worldhashblinded theirminds. Mark, compare this Scrip- ture with that I laid before of Chriff, that His Kingdom is not of this world, but the Devil is called the god of this world, note this, he Math blinded the minds of them which -beleeve not, if any which live under the Golpel- beleeve not, it is be- caufe the Devil as he prevails in the world and by worldly things, by the pomp and vanity of the world he hoodwinks the eyes ofthole which beleeve not, left the light of the glori- ous gofpel ofChriff who is the exprefs Image of God fhould thine into them, Oh the Devil is loth that the glorious gof- pel fhould Thine, into the hearts ofmen;; Rhe is,crìntent that they fhouldcome and hear the gofpel, but be laiwfs tokeep off the light of the glorious gofpel ofChriff, that it thine not into them, for he knows whenonce it fiath lhined pintó mens hearts, then all the gloryofthe world will be darkned in their eyes, and they will admire then at nothing but,Chrift ; Oh none but Chriff, none but Chriff, whom have 1 in Heavenbut Ch4:11l? and there is none upon earth that Idefre iircomparifoa ofmv dearcftSavi- our, who is thefaireft often thoufand; I never knew- God-before I faw 111111..11